Rare, Unexpected, Unusual or Extinct Indiana Birds - indianajones
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According to the Indiana State Museum there are two birds native to Indiana, the Passenger Pigeon and the Carolina Parakeet, that are considered extinct. A mount of both of these former species is on display. (The Museum says both the Eskimo Curlew and the Ivory-billed Woodpecker are not officially considered extinct) Information says the Museum has an Eskimo Curlew mount however I did not see it displayed.

The Museum also reports that there are only 1,532 known Passenger Pigeon mounts, 720 Carolina Parakeet mounts, 413 Ivory-billed mounts and 365 Eskimo Curlew mounts in existence today.

The Carolina Parakeet became extinct in 1918 due to over-hunting and habitat destruction. It was the only parrot native to North America. This species defense mechanism against predators didn't help on its path to extinction. They liked to eat crops in orchards. When one would be killed and drop to the ground, others would circle around it in an attempt to scare off predators. This made them particularly easy for farmers to eradicate.

The last Carolina Parakeet died in the Cinncinati Zoo in 1918. This bird was mounted prior to 1875.

The Indiana State Museum is located at 650 W. Washington Street in Indianapolis. These two mounts are located on the second floor.