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Last week I attended a work seminar in downtown Indianapolis. After the seminar I went for a walk through downtown and met the "Silver-Lady-Statue" frozen-in-place at Monument Circle. If you've visited downtown Indy recently, you may have seen her standing motionless outside major sporting or concert events. On this particular evening she was about to meet fans attending the Taylor Swift concert.
The Statue told me she wears blue lipstick for Colts games and gold lipstick for Pacer games. She was wearing red lipstick (as in Taylor Swift) on the evening I met her. When I asked her how much work it takes to be a statue, she told me it takes a "PHD", or as she went on to explain, Pretty Heavy Drinking!
The "Silver-Lady-Statue" has a Terre Haute connection. She said her grandparents owned and donated the property that is now Twiggs Rest Park along highway 40/Heritage Trail, east of Terre Haute. She said their house once sat on this site and behind it was a cabin her grandpa built just to store his guns. She still has a few living relatives in the Haute, but I was not familiar with them.
For a statue, the "Silver-Lady-Statue" sure had a lot to talk about. Look for her the next time you are in Indianapolis.